Schedule For Presidential Debates and Where to Watch them

Schedule For Presidential Debates and Where to Watch them


The political atmosphere is intense these days due to the American Presidential election. We will help you to find the channels that telecast the debates of the candidates. So you can see your favorite candidate raising all your concerns regarding the upcoming policies.

There were supposed to be three debates altogether, but the schedule was disturbed. The news of Mr. Trump has been tested positive for coronavirus has created a hindrance. The next presidential debate will follow all the protocols and social distancing measures. The rest of the format will remain the same as of the first debate but with proper precautions.

The presidential debates are important because it shows the narrative of the candidates. The policies presented by the candidates are the manifest of their respective parties for the next four years. Both Joe Biden and Donald Trump will have the showdown on October 22nd. 


Presidential Debate


There is a fixed pattern of debates between the presidential candidates and vice presidential contestants. Concerning the current pandemic and coronavirus concerns, the second presidential debate on 15th October was canceled due to the current deteriorating situation. Time is divided into two equal sections for the candidates to present their agendas. You can watch the debates at 9 pm standard time on all the channels on different channels. 

The topic of discussion of the last debate is yet to be announced but, the coronavirus pandemic and its handling will be the main point of discussion. The final deliberations between the contesting candidates Donald Trump and Joe Biden will telecast live on 22nd Oct Thursday on ABC, CBS, CNN, C-SPAN, FOX, FOX News, NBC, and more networks at 9 pm EST.
You can also stream the debate on web channel applications or watch it live on TV. 
Previously, all the debates, including the vice presidential debate on OCT 7, were shown by leading channels, even by the news networks like CNN and FOX. 
Don’t worry about missing the political action of the year. Multiple channels are streaming the debates and election-related news live on the TV.

The truth is the majority of the people prefer watching these debates on conventional channels as well as on new satellite TV. But the two rivals CNN and Fox are again in the war of profits and ratings. It doesn’t matter who are the candidates, and what policies they have in mind. The only thing that matters to the majority of the people is to see what the big fishes have to portray and which context. They are always behind the profits and revenues. 

The election year is always a hustle in American politics, Trump trying to be in power again while Biden is trying to take his spot in the coming elections. The telecommunication industry is trying to make their way forward in terms of profit and returns. 
So don’t forget to tune in to your favorite channels to watch the discussions and debates live.

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