Spectrum Home Phone – Strength of connection, Simplicity of Procedure

Spectrum Home Phone – Strength of connection, Simplicity of Procedure

Spectrum has always believed in clarity of voice at the heart of it. This has led Spectrum to go places that no other home phone provider has ever been to. From connecting people across the globe to pioneering a lot of premium features in the home phone, Spectrum has ticked all the boxes.

It further offers the lowest prices for a home phone service and a second-to-none, tidy, and quick installation service. There are plenty of reasons you should opt for Spectrum home phone. Other home phone providers get a pretty hard time offering them competition. To understand why the Spectrum home phone always wins, you need to understand these nitty-gritty aspects:

Strength of connection:

  • Spectrum offers the strongest home phone connection nationwide as it believes in facilitating the connection of its users as well as the bond with its users. With an unbreakable voice link, now is the time you finally start talking and say goodbye to the phrase ‘Can you hear me now’?.

Premium features:

  • Spectrum home phone offers up to 23 premium features, for free. These features include but are not limited to, voicemail, call forwarding, VIP ring, 3-way calling, and call blocking, etc. While these premium features ensure that you enjoy a peerless service, it is for granted that you will not be charged anything extra for them. With Spectrum, there are never hidden charges or concealed details.

Fair Pricing:

  • Spectrum home phone can be availed at a price as low as $9.99/mo. There are further discounts offered atIRG Digital for Spectrum’s services. You can visit irgdigital.com and get their bundle now

International calling

  • Spectrum home phone, within its basic bundle, allows you to make international calls to Mexico, Canada, Puerto Rico, GUAM, and U.S. Virgin Islands. So if you have a family residing in any of these countries or a business going on in there, Spectrum has made it a lot easier and cheaper for you to stay connected with them.

Pay Per Call:

  • If you do not want a monthly bundle, you can also opt for pay per call. With Pay per call, you will be charged accordingly for every call. This suits people who do not use phones much and have to make a call off and on.

No Paperwork:

  • Spectrum, irrespective of the service, will never bind you to any contract. This is part of a lifelong belief of spectrum that strong bonds are built on the quality of services and mutual trust, and not by a piece of paper. Just as there will be no paperwork when you avail of their services, there will be no termination fines when you opt to discontinue.


  • Are you already stuck in any contract with your previous provider? Spectrum will buy you out. All you have to do is buy a Spectrum plan worth more than $500 and Spectrum will take care of your previous commitments

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