What is the Channel Number of Fox Sports1 on Spectrum?

What is the Channel Number of Fox Sports1 on Spectrum?

Due to the pandemic, we cannot go out regularly and enjoy our life like old times. We need the entertainment to keep ourselves in the right state of mind. The only available entertaining factor we have in our lives during this time is through TV and the internet. Your channel lineup depends on the most as they should be upright enough to keep you addicted to your TV screens. Fox is one of the best entertainment channels. They have astounding shows such as Simpsons, the Family, and Empire, etc. It is available with Spectrum Select, Silver, and Gold play. This package is very reasonable for the number of entertainments it provides. All the spectrum plans come without any contract so, don’t worry about the claim or early termination fee.

With commercial entertainment, Fox also offers sports channels. Fox Sports 1 telecast all the live sports events and matches of mixed martial arts, MLB, and other matches across the globe. Furthermore, they have other sports-based documentaries and analyses on regular basis.

Fox Sports 1 on Spectrum

Fox Sports1 has a lot to give to the viewers with different sports analysis for the entire household. If you have a Spectrum subscription, the channel will be available on the following numbers.



Channel Number

Tampa, Florida


St. Louis, MO


San Antonio, TX

97 (SD and HD)

Austin, TX



You can connect to the Spectrum support team if you cannot find the channel in your region.

Live TV on Fox Sports1

There are different shows available on Fox Sports1 that can be recorded. To enjoy the maximum, you need to do is to subscribe to TV services. To catch up to the different live sports events, enter your password and username. Now enjoy and have fun with your live TV games and matches.

Top shows on Fox Sports1

There is a variety of game analysis of different sports available on Fox Sports1. This channel is very well-known and has a high viewership. They have classic seasons of sports tournaments and shows like TMZ, First Things First, and Speak for yourself for pure sports entertainment. If you like sports betting, they got your back for shows like Lock it In, to know more about bets.

Spectrum TV on the GO

Spectrum cable has transformed the conventional meaning of the TV with the launch of its TV application. You can watch your preferred sports shows on the go. Get the Spectrum app for free when you subscribe to Spectrum packages.

Generally, Spectrum has a great deal to bring to the table with various arrangements and bundles. With the TV plans, you can undoubtedly escalate the viewership of Fox Sports1. It is in every case great to check the channel lineup before purchasing any bundle to understand what channels are accessible in the arrangement but Fox Sports1 is available in the three bundles.


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