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Constant Monitoring

We monitor your home security 24/7 under strict surveillance, safety alarms, and bells.

Customized Plans

Customize the security plans as per your requirement with personalized device engagements.

Professional Installation

Get professional installation with every plan and packages as per your home requirements.

About Brinks Home Security

Brinks take the security of your as the top priority. We ensure that you get the peace of mind that is required. We make sure that every customer gets high-quality service. Our professional security agents are monitoring our system 24/7, so our customers can relax. We have tailor-made plans for every customer that are specifically designed for their individual needs.

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Reasons To Choose Brinks!

There are many security service-providing companies, but Brinks ensure high-quality systems for your homes.

Constant Coverage

Get customized security plans for your home for constant coverage so you can relax and enjoy.


Our security packages are affordable and budget-friendly so everyone can have a secure home.


Our plans are reliable with surveillance for your home to cater to the security needs swiftly.

Security Consultation

Get security consultation from our experts for assistance to choose plans accordingly.

Customer Support

We have teams working round the clock to provide support to the customers anytime.

Advanced Technology

We use the latest technology that even lets you control your home from our mobile app.

Discover The Modern World Security With Us

We have the modern security technology and techniques to cater to you with the best possible approaches.

Frequently asked questions

Does Brinks Have A Mobile Application?

Yes, brinks come with a mobile application so you can monitor your home anytime anywhere. You can also set multiple alarms with the help of the app. The apps come with standard plans at no additional cost.

Do You Provide A Wireless System?

Yes, we use the latest technology, which includes wireless systems. The wireless alarms are as effective as the wired security alarm. It is easy and less intrusive and can help you save from the hassle.

What Is The System Protection You Offer?

Brinks provides the customers with advanced technology that saves your home from intrusions and other hazards like fire, gas leakages, and water leaks. This way you can detect the problem early on.

Do Professionals Monitor Your System?

Yes, we provide the customers with 24/7 system monitoring. If there are any emergencies, we sent the customers security calls, alarms and send help if needed.

Does The Security System Work If The Internet Service Is Down Or There Is A Power Outage?

Yes, we have a 4G cellar backup that makes sure that the monitoring is uninterrupted.

What Is The Emergency Security Measure By Brinks?

If there is some sort of emergency like a fire or breakage, we will send you alert messages, along with the best measure to coup upon the situation. If you are away, the company will take all the relative measures that are needed.