Best Optimum TV And Internet Deals

Best Optimum TV And Internet Deals

Optimum is a cable and fiber internet provider that is offering customers speed up to 5000 Mbps. They are also offering customers TV plans with more than 420+ channels. Apart from this, the customers can bundle up their services with optimum phones. However, their internet prices and plans are highly competitive but they have overpriced TV plans.

They are one of the best internet service providers in the leading states in America. Moreover, they are expanding their services to other states as well. Moreover, they are also offering new customers buyout plans to the customers so they enjoy optimum services near them.

Reasons To Choose Optimum

No Contracts

Optimum is offering customers multiple plans and bundles without binding them in yearly contracts. The customers can switch and change the provider at any time of the day. Enjoy optimum TV and internet plans without any hassle of contracts. If you are moving out don’t worry about the contracts.

$500 Contract Buyout

One of the main reasons for choosing optimum is the fact that they are offering the customer's contract buyouts of up to $500. This way switching to optimum is not a hassle anymore. Customers can enjoy fast-speed internet and more than 400 channels without any worry.

Affordable Internet

Optimum is offering fiber and cable internet plans to customers across America. Customers can choose high-speed internet plans that are cost-effective. In addition to this, they are not compromising the quality of their service. Hence enjoy stellar speed internet within your budget.

Free Installation

One of the best things about opting for optimum TV and Internet plans is the free installation on the select plans. The customers can get their hands on the free installation service by them.


Optimum Plans And Bundles


Optimum is the leading internet provider in New York. They are providing the customers with affordable plans and deals as per their likings. Moreover, there are signup promotions as well for the customers.

Optimum Internet

Optimum is one of the few internet service providers that is offering both Fiber and cable deals to the customers.

Optimum 300

Customers can enjoy this cable internet plan at a staggering price of 40 dollars a month. In these plans, they can enjoy downloading speed of up to 300 Mbps and an upload speed of 200 Mbps. This plan is widely available in optimum service areas.

Fiber Internet 300

This is the cheapest fiber internet plan that is available in America. You can get a subscription to this plan at an astonishing price of 40 dollars a month. The customers can get up to 300 Mbps upload and download speed. However, this plan is available in limited zip codes.

Fiber Internet 5 Gig

This is one of the fastest internet plans. This plan is especially for heavy data users. In this plan, the customers can enjoy 5000 Mbps of upload and download speed. However, this is a pricey plan offering the customers exceptional speed. The plan is available at a price of 180 dollars a month.

Optimum TV Plans

Optimum is offering customers multiple TV plans if you choose optimum internet.  Moreover, the optimum internet plans are very cheap offering the customer amazing value for money but their TV plans are on the higher side than their competitors.

Basic TV

You can get this optimum TV plan at 30 dollars a month. It is a basic TV plan offering the customers 50 + channels. The plan includes some news and entertainment channels.

Core TV

This is one of the best TV plans available for optimum customers. In this plan, the customers can enjoy an extensive channel list of up to 210+ channels. This plan is available for customers at a price of 75 dollars a month. This plan has multiple entertainment, news, and sports channels for you to stay hooked to the TV.

Premier TV

If you are looking for the best plan and budget is not an issue then the premier TV is designed just for you. In this plan, there are more than 400 plus channels. This plan is the perfect blend of modern-day TV with movie channels, news channels, and much more. However, the plan is available to the customers at a whooping price of 115 dollars per month.

Final Verdict

Yet despite the pricey TV plans optimum is totally worth it. They are offering the customer's buyout plans, no contracts, and value for money to the customers. So just get the subscription to your favorite optimum plan today.


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