Method To Use Spectrum Remote?

Method To Use Spectrum Remote?

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Programming Of A New Spectrum Remote

It is very easy to program a new remote through the spectrum guide. The remote will automatically detect the TV brand to help you with the function without any hassle. Once the TV brand is directed all you have to do is follow the simple steps to program your spectrum remote.

However in some cases, if the remote is not working through the guide you can manually set it up.

Follow the simple steps to manually set your spectrum remote

  • Turn on the TV that you are programming.
  • Now find the menu tab and press the okay button on your spectrum remote. Furthermore, you have to hold both the button simultaneously until the input button starts to blink.
  • Now you have to press the power button of the TV remote. After doing this the input button will be stable.
  • Point your spectrum to be remote towards your TV
  • Now find the up arrow button
  • Once you find the up button press and hold it.
  • In the end, release the up arrow button when the device is turned off. This way the remote will store the changes.

Setting up a spectrum remote is very easy. However, it is time taking and thus some people find it hard just because of the numerous steps. However, there are different models of TV and remotes at home. While some have smart TVs at home because of the new technology. Hence setting up your remote is not difficult if you are using the latest and common TV companies.

  • All you have to do is to turn on your TV to program the Spectrum remote.
  • Hold the menu button and press OK collectively. This way the input button will start blinking.
  • After this step press and locate the power button just once.
  • Now look for the keys that are compatible with your TV. You can always search for the key in the spectrum remote manual. However, some of the TV keys are underneath:

Dynex - 1

LG/Zenith - 2

Panasonic- 3

Philips RCA/TCL- 5

Samsung - 6

Sharp - 7

Sony - 8

Toshiba - 9

Vizio – 0

  • Now turn off the TV after releasing the digit key.

In the end, if you are still unable to set up your remote you can contact the customer services department. They will guide you furthermore or arrange a professional set up a minimal price.


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