What Makes Spectrum Triple Play Select So Popular

What Makes Spectrum Triple Play Select So Popular

It’s time you start saving big by choosing this spectrum bundle as your ultimate source of digital entertainment. In most cases, coupling two or more services in one is often what people need in order to pay the optimum price for entertainment services. In the same vein, Charter Spectrum knows what works best for people when it comes to getting the subscription rates for a 3-in-1 package. There’s a reason why Charter Spectrum boasts 16 million subscribers for its TV service alone. Owing to its high-quality service, customers enjoy a huge array of HD premium channels. Now you could enjoy top of the line service by opting for Spectrum Triple Play Select.

One Bundle to Serve Them All

This is probably one of the few plans on the market that offers an excellent range of channels at a competitive price. Spectrum triple play select channels include:

  • ESPN
  • Discovery
  • TNT
  • History
  • Disney

So basically, there’s something for every member of the family. You get to enjoy a one size fits all solution that offers the most diverse range of entertainment programs that caters for everyone. Think you’re a sports fanatic? Then you’re in for a treat. Think you can’t miss out on your latest soap opera? You don’t need to fret over that anymore! Think your kids are driving you crazy? Let them get hooked to their favorite shows on Disney! This is probably one of the cheapest options you could get without sacrificing a huge portion of your home entertainment. On the whole, Spectrum has got you covered with exciting channels at affordable rates.

Video on Demand Service that Sets You Free!

Gone are the days when people were bound to the constraints of fixed channel programming which often caused them to wait unwillingly to see their favorite shows. Spectrum Triple Play Select lets you enjoy on-demand service that entails a vast selection of blockbuster movies & acclaimed TV shows to keep you hooked. This includes +200 live channels that provide round the clock entertainment on the go. Moreover, you can even login with your smartphone by downloading the Spectrum TV app on your phone to enjoy nonstop entertainment.

Unstoppable Internet Speed That Never Disappoints

When you’re getting up to 100 Mbps Spectrum internet that has no internet data caps, only sky’s the limit when it comes to streaming your preferred shows without the slightest instance of interruption or downtime. Owing to a ubiquitous presence of hotspots, Spectrum internet lets you experience the very best of what cable internet has to offer. Internet speed works as advertised. We believe that customers deserve a greater value per dollar than what they originally expected. Furthermore, you can check out the hottest Spectrum Bundles & Deals on IRG Digital.

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