What is Spectrum triple play?

What is Spectrum triple play?

Spectrum triple play consists of three of the most important mediums of communication and interaction which include TV streaming, Internet services, and home phone. While with TV, you get familiar with multiple concepts, news, information, entertainment, and sports, etc, with the Home phone you stay connected with your family and friends. Home phones lie under the umbrella of the oldest mediums of two-way communication. With the durability of Home phones, once you get them, there is no need to ever replace them

After the growing trend of television and home phones, the internet has served the world with its universality and speed. Spectrum Internet offers the fastest internet across the United States. Along with the fastest speed, it offers the highest bandwidth so your internet speed is never shared with multiple connections. Every connected device gets the same speed and you can enjoy streaming, surfing, and browsing at a speed never experienced before.

Spectrum Triple play reduces the individual price of service when bundled, so you get these world-class services at a very fair price. While its HD TV and blazing fast internet service ensure that you are never short of entertainment, its prices ensure that you are never short of money to pay for it.

Spectrum TV: It offers well over 200 channels with free HD, on-the-go, and thousands of on-demand choices. It also provides online streaming with its smartphone’s app. You can simply start with downloading the Spectrum TV app on your smartphone and enjoy TV in your hand. It also offers Spanish TV channels to facilitate Latino customers. Premium channels that spectrum offers are HBO, Starz, Starz Encore, Discovery, etc.

Spectrum home phone: It offers different plans for domestic and international calling. It also offers customized plans for business purposes. You can customize the plans according to your usage and price it accordingly.

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