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Rejoice the Passion of Limitless Connectivity!

High-Speed & Fiber Internet

Enjoy the maximum speeds of the CenturyLink internet available in your area up to 100 Mbps and enjoy data as much as 1 TB.

Entertaining DIRECT TV

For all your needs of programming, CenturyLink brings you the amazing DIRECT TV plans starting with 155+ channels at 49.99/mo*.

Connecting Home Phone

Forget the lag, drop calls, interruption, jittering and peak or off-peak hours based calculated-calling and get phone features and unlimited nationwide calling at $60/mo*.

CenturyLink Plans

CenturyLink Home Phone

DIRECT TV with CenturyLink

CenturyLink Internet

Maximize Your Productivity & Entertainment with CenturyLink

Get All-You-Want plans and deals for efficient digital services at economical prices. Take advantage of tens of free features and add-ons of the smart and space-age tech of the Internet, Phone and DIRECTTV offered by CenturyLink to stay connected across the devices.

Abundant Savings with Personalized Bundling!

Save More Bucks

Get your hard-earned bucks save while bundling up any of the two or three CenturyLink services. It’s amazing, it’s cheap and it’s interesting. Save on Internet, TV and Phone bundles.

Get the Best Value

For the Price-for-Life Internet, bundle up with CenturyLink Home Phone to enjoy unlimited local & nationwide calling and several Phone features.

Pay Only One Bill

With CenturyLink, get all the expertise, efficiency and the convenience along with paperless billing & 24/7 tech and care support at one platform.

CenturyLink Bundles

Price for Life Double Play Bundles

Internet + DIRECT TV Double Play Bundles

Triple Play Bundles

CenturyLink Home Phone

Keep in touch with friends and family across the United States, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands and other territories,
with crisp voice quality, undelayed and reliable home phone connection.

Bundle up your CenturyLink Home Phone with CenturyLink Internet up to 100 Mbps at Price for Life rates and save for today, tomorrow, and forever.

Giving a random call to a loved one, living far from you and every day, anticipating from their friends or family to make the day best is sheer happiness. With CenturyLink, make the most of technology that connects lives, hearts and relations across the borders.

CenturyLink Home Phone offers you

  • Unlimited Local & Nationwide Calling***
  • No Delays or Drop Calls
  • Access to Several Home Phone Features such as Voice Call, Caller ID, Call Forwarding, Call Waiting and many more

CenturyLink Price for Life Internet

Get faster speeds with greater bandwidth and price for life internet as low as $49.99/mo*. Intensify the home entertainment at no additional cost with limitless streaming, surfing, downloading/uploading, online gaming, learning and networking.

Price for Life | No Contracts

Enjoy Price for Life Internet with the convenience of contract less subscription and no early termination fee.

Paperless Billing

Get digitalize with all your digital services by CenturyLink with paperless billing. No hassles to manage receipts.

In-Home Wi-Fi

Connect multiple devices and get the most of CenturyLink Price for life internet with Built-in Wi-Fi at no additional cost.

Abundant Data

CenturyLink residential customers can enjoy data as much as 1 TB whereas there are no caps for Business as well as Fiber Optic users.

CenturyLink Fiber Gigabit Internet

Light-Speed Internet with Greater Bandwidth

Fiber Gigabit is a futuristic technology to provide speed of light with tons of bandwidth. Experience the striking bolt speeds of Gigabytes in a blink of an eye.

Unlimited Streaming, Gaming & Surfing

Say bye to throttling, and binge-watch your favourite seasons, download the HD Quality or watch sports matches live without any delay or buffer.

Symmetrical Downloading/Uploading

With a light speed as fast as 940 Mbps, enjoy the superquality symmetrical downloading and uploading in no time and at no additional cost.

DIRECT TV with CenturyLink

Reinvent the pleasure of home entertainment with the Industry-Leading Satellite DIRECT TV with hundreds of channels, HD DVR Genie services to watch your favourite programming as per your convenience anytime. Combine your DIRECT TV with CenturyLink Internet or Phone, or with both of the services to get the best discount at the budgeted as well as personalized bundles.

Free 3-Months Premium Channels

Enjoy the first 3 months of HBO®, Cinemax®, SHOWTIME®, STARZ®, and EPIX® at no extra cost with DIRECT TV Entertainment, Choice, Xtra and Primer Plans.

Genie HD DVR Upgrade**

Upgrade your DIRECT TV Plans and record up to 5 shows simultaneously to watch it later. Customize your TV as you want it.

Professional Installation

Get the professional installation done at your home to ensure the perfect availability of each and every amazing feature of the DIRECTTV.

24/7/365 Tech & Care Support

Complain or Comment? Talk to us anytime from anywhere. We are here to resolve your concerns round the clock through the year.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • CenturyLink offers you an unbelievable offer. Starting from 20 Mbps, enjoy the price for life faster internet up to 100 Mbps speed at $49.99/mo* only as long as you have the plan. Enjoy the everlasting data plan and continue surfing, streaming, downloading and gaming across your devices.

  • The bolt-speed CenturyLink Fiber Gigabit Internet is delivered over a fiber-optic network and offers speed as fast as 940 Mbps. It transmits light-speed signals via glass wiring to let you the achieve the speed as per your need to succeed.

  • At present, CenturyLink offers high-speed broadband options in 37 states however, Century Fiber Gigabit Internet is available in the following regions only:

    Columbia, MO
    Orlando, FL
    Boulder, CO
    Denver, CO
    Portland, OR
    Des Moines, IA
    Phoenix, AZ
    Salt Lake City, UT
    Fort Myers, FL
    Las Vegas, NV
    Seattle, WA
    Jefferson City, MO
    Minneapolis, MN
    Colorado Springs, CO
    La Crosse, WI
    Omaha, NE
    Boise, ID
    Longview, WA
    Raleigh, NC
    The Villages, FL
    Tucson, AZ
  • CenturyLink Home Phone gives you the freedom to connect to your family and friend ones via home phone with several exciting home phone features. Some of them are:

    Caller ID
    Call waiting
    3-way calling
    Distinctive ring
    Call forwarding
    Clear connection
    Last call return
    And more!


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*Equipment Rentals, Activation, Installation, Service charges and other taxes apply.

** Additional equipment is required. Additional & Advanced Receiver fees apply.

*** Service applies to 1 residential phone line with direct-dial, local and nationwide long-distance voice calling from home phone, including Alaska, Puerto Rico, Guam, and U.S. Virgin Islands; excludes commercial use, call center, data and facsimile services (each may be billed at $0.10/minute), conference lines, directory and operator assistance, chat lines, pay-per-call, calling card use, or multi-housing units. Usage will be monitored for compliance and service may be suspended/terminated for noncompliance. If usage consistently exceeds 5,000 minutes/mo., the customer may be moved to another plan. International calling billed separately.