• Unlimited Nationwide Calling
  • 15+ Popular Phone Features
  • Low-cost International Calling Plans
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • 12-Months Price-Lock Guarantee

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For Beyond The Border Top-Notch Communication

Affordable International Calling Plans To Add Into Digital Phone Plans

  • 30 Minutes Call Time
  • 67 Countries
  • 250 Minutes Call Time
  • 87 Countries


Xtream Digital Home Phone—The Way of Effortless Communication

Home Phone still is the most convenient, cheapest, and a commendable way to talk effortlessly for hours and hours. Power your homes with the seamless connectivity of Mediacom’s Xtream Digital Home Phone. Say bye to all the no network coverage, lagging, signals interruptions or voice-breaking in the middle of some of the urgent or essential heart-to-heart talk with your friends and family members.

Xtream Digital Home Phone Features

Xtream Digital Phone powered by Mediacom offers more than 15 essential phone features that allow you to take control of how, when, and where you can be reached. Get rid of all those marketing or credit card or policy selling annoying calls and shut the door of all the robocalls with some of the key phone features such as:


Take charge to whom you want to talk or to whom you can talk later, or talk never before picking up the call.


Let your loved ones leave messages when you are not around to take a call or are busy to listen to them later.


Forward or transfer your all calls or selected calls to other numbers. Stay connected even when you are not home.


With this feature, stay alert of the stalkers who disturb or tease intentionally with threatening or annoying calls.

Combine Service, Save Bucks

Xtream Home Phone is now available in a combination of services as a double or triple play bundle with TV and the Internet. Bundling gives you the ultimate control of complete home digital services with ease and affordability.


Switching Made Easy

Changing Network Has Nothing to Do With Changing the Number

Do you want to switch to hi-end and cost-efficient Xtream Digital Home Phone powered by MediaCom and worried because all your family and friends are used to of your old number? Well, Change only network, and don’t change the number when it is not required at all.


Choose Wise, Choose Xtream Digital Home Phone

Mediacom offers you all-rounder home phone services in incredibly reasonable charges with a load of features and add-ons. Join the network that offers nationwide strong network coverage with unlimited local and economical international calling, round-the-clock technical assistance, seamless connectivity, and HD voice quality across the US.

*Limited-Time Offer. Taxes, installation, equipment fees, and other charges apply. The quality of the network may vary.
**WorldTalk Offers: Available only to Mediacom residential Phone customers who meet Mediacom's applicable credit and other requirements. Mediacom may change the rates or the list of countries included in each plan (as listed in the country list above) at any time. Mediacom may discontinue either or both plans at any time. WorldTalk200 includes 200 initial minutes and WorldTalk250 includes 250 initial minutes per calendar month of international calls to the countries included in each plan. Unused monthly minutes will not roll over to the next month. Customers exceeding the initial minutes may purchase one additional block of 200 or 250 minutes during the calendar month. If a customer chooses to purchase an additional block of minutes before using all of the initial minutes, any remaining initial minutes will be lost. All minute blocks expire at the end of the month, regardless of when purchased. Customers exceeding 400 or 500 minutes in a given calendar month will have their international calling blocked and must wait until the start of the next calendar month to resume international calling.